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The Truth About The Urgent State of Climate Change

The Truth About The Urgent State of Climate Change

Inspired by a presentation given by Canadian environmental scientist, David Suzuki, my son delivered an impassioned speech of his own at school on the topic of the urgent need for environmental rehabilitation.  His words echoed that of Suzuki as he explained that the days of merely preserving nature are over. Alarmingly, many scientists believe that 90% of humans will be gone by the year 2100. This horrifying revelation is not science fiction, but based on scientific data related to overpopulation, environmental destruction, carbon pollution and climate change. Our kids understand the urgency and want to be the difference that saves our planet. Unfortunately, adults with the power to execute change, aren’t listening. Suzuki’s concern and underlying frustration was apparent, “Who needs nature in a city? We have Netflix,” he said. His tongue-in-cheek statement refers to our obsession with technology. We’re too distracted and desensitized to comprehend or even notice the gravity of our situation. I can’t get his words out of my head and I want to shout from the rooftops, “Wake up!! We need to do something!” Earth, air, fire, water. These are fundamental needs. Without them, life will cease to exist. We know this, but do we understand the[…]

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