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The Dollhouse

The Dollhouse

One dismal day a mysterious box arrived at my door. Behind said door, was a tired mother and a bored five year old, itching for something to do. I suspect Mom Central and Fisher Price may have some kind of “That Mama Needs A Break, ESP.” This was our first official toy delivery during our stint as a Fisher Price Family. The look on my daughter’s face when she saw her new My First Dollhouse….  …was sheer happiness. The look on my face when I read this…   ….was all, “Gah! They’re talking about me. To the treadmill!!” *For the record, my husband’s hands are an average size. Santa brought Avery a Fisher Price dollhouse two years ago. But this new abode is a more pimped out version. So now, instead of one lonely home, we have the makings of a neighbourhood. It’s a G-rated version of Knot’s Landing (at least, that’s what is going on in MY head when I’m playing along). Avery has a corner of her room dedicated to her imaginary town. Recently however, I noticed both dollhouses were missing. It seems the kids picked up stakes and moved the town to big brother’s room.    […]

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