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Don’t Answer This Call—It’s A Scam!

Don’t Answer This Call—It’s A Scam!

  Working from home has its perks. For starters, the commute can’t be beat—it’s bedroom to desk in five seconds flat (give or take depending on hallway traffic and how many pets I have to step over). Working solo has its negatives too of course. Like, if I choke on a carrot stick nacho chip during my lunch break, it’s up to me to heimlich myself—there are no helpful bystanders standing by to help. As well, if a daylight thief should happen by to burgle me, I’m on my own to fend him off (yes, I said him. I’m sure there are female cat burglars too but in my head they’re always big scary men. Sorry men. No offense). And if a homicidal maniac should hideout in my basement, I’ll be the one to get the call to inquire about whether I’ve “checked the children.” Remember this? So the other day as I was working hard at my desk (absolutely NOT watching Jimmy Fallon You Tube videos and bookmarking hairstyles that suit my face shape or entering an online contest to try to win a food dehydrator…) the home phone rang. I jumped. In light of recent PTSD stimulating circumstances,[…]

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