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Clothes Off

  I listen to music all day while I work and when the right song comes on, it gives me a little burst of creative energy. When I first heard this song, I loved it instantly. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the title and I went out of my mind trying to track down this track. I Googled randomness like, “song with sick bass” and “new songs this week that are really cool.” I even hummed the guitar riff into a Shazam type app. How shocking that the title didn’t pop up immediately. Ha. So I listened faithfully to the radio for two weeks—waiting and listening attentively for my song. I drove my music savvy friend Sarah bonkers by humming what I could remember over the phone. She was like, “Um, I’m pretty sure that even if that song exists, it doesn’t go ANYTHING like that.” Well, in your face Sarah. It does exist. And I stand by my original “humdition.” I nailed it. Give or take a few octaves/notes/basic tune/all of it. The song finally came blasting through my mini-van speakers while I sat waiting for my daughter at school pick-up. I took note of key words in the chorus[…]

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