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The Wonder of Wonderland

The Wonder of Wonderland

Amusement parks are amusing to say the least; the expectations, the thrills, the not-knowing how the day will unfold. Canada’s Wonderland just north of Toronto is filled with wonders to explore and memories to be made. This is me, after such a day at the amusement park with my family.   Kidding. This is actually a photo from the Canada’s Wonderland website promoting their no scares-spared annual Halloween Haunt. If you enjoy having the bejesus scared out of you, check it out! There are all kinds of creepy things lying in wait including zombies and “psychotic clowns.” But, if you’re a ‘fraidy cat, STAAAAAY AWAAAAY (read in a spooky voice…but not too spooky. I want to be able to sleep tonight). Though you needn’t stay away from Wonderland completely. The haunt is only in effect at night on weekends in October. During the day, the park runs in its usual family friendly way so we you don’t need to be afraid. This is what I actually looked like after a recent trip to Wonderland with the family. See? Not scary at all. Except maybe for the weird way I’m sticking my hip out. And, how my husband’s hand is sort of hovering over our son’s[…]

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