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A Soft Place To Land—A Story About Friendship

A Soft Place To Land—A Story About Friendship

I’m not calling my friends soft but, they are. Not in a doughy  “Gym? What gym?” kind of way. But in a gentle, comforting, curl up in their bosom and nestle, kind of way. Not that I curl up in their bosoms. There is absolutely no bosom nestling going on. Except for that one time at that Christmas party and it was completely innocent. Life is stressful these days. Like REALLY stressful. I have no idea why, it just is. Maybe it’s because a lot of serious stuff goes on “mid life.” Good god, we’re middle aged. I’m just going to go ahead and glaze over that statement. The pace seems to have picked up. There’s always somewhere I need to be and something I’m scrambling to catch up on. I don’t get to see my friends as much as I’d like. Mostly it’s a quickie phone call here, a funny text there. Like I said, we mid-lifers have commitments and responsibilities out the whazoo. However… If I should need a friend, I have only to reach out with a faint whimper, and as if by bat echolocation or some kind of emotional ESP, they are there—with wine and wisdom and[…]

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