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Toddler Tornado

Toddler Tornado

Hot damn it’s hard to get anything done with a toddler on the loose. A six year old at least can read or play a game or find some way to entertain himself, but a 2.5 year is a vastly different story. I edit and do the layout for a weekly on-line newsletter (which I’m supposed to be doing right now actually) and also do some freelance writing and odds and ends for a friend’s PR company. But since my friend and I started seriously working on our craft business, I’ve found the need to have a true space of my own. So we converted our guest-room into an office so that I could escape to work undisturbed. At least that was the plan, but somehow these 2 little people keep showing up at my door! Today when I was desperate to get some work done I let “The Tornado” have free reign in my office for about 5 minutes. I made sure my sharp tools were safely out of reach…I learned my lesson from the craft-knife incident last week! The 5 minutes of time gained by letting her go nuts was off set by the 10 minutes it took[…]

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