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He Tied Me Up

He Tied Me Up

  You thought this was going to be some kind of S&M scenario, didn’t you? Rest assured, you won’t need a safe word to read this story. But seriously, I really did get tied up—by a neighbourhood kid when we were seven. We were playing in his backyard when suddenly, I can’t remember why, he tied me to a garden trellis with a skipping rope. There was rake involved somehow too. I had limited upper body strength (if you could see me at the gym now, you’d see THAT hasn’t changed) and I wasn’t able to undo my tethers. He left me there for some time. As demonstrated by my current freedom, he obviously returned at some point to untie me. It’s crazy the things we remember with such incredible clarity decades later—which is made all the more remarkable since now, at the ripe old age of 40-something, I can’t remember a damn thing. I couldn’t possibly tell you my kitty corner neighbour’s name even though I just knew it. And then forgot it. And was reminded of it. And then forgot it again. I could ream off a laundry list of things I forget on a weekly basis. Wait,[…]

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