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What Is “Veganish”?

What Is “Veganish”?

Please allow me to explain my family’s dietary lifestyle choice, but first just let me make myself a ham and cheese sandwich. Kidding. I haven’t eaten a pig (on purpose) since 1990. I may have scarfed down some bacon in a hungover daze or ingested the occasional undetected bacon bit in a Caesar salad over the years, but for the most part, there is never intentional pork on my fork. I wasn’t really a meat lover growing up, but I tucked in because I needed the meat derived protein. Hello, Canada Food Guide conspiracy. More on that in an upcoming post. My family ate mostly chicken, fish, and the occasional lamb chop—to be clear, I was really only interested in the mint jelly sauce. Steak at our house was rare (as in infrequent, but cooked to a leathery chew-until-next-Tuesday texture). We ate eggs and drank milk, because, ahem…healthy. Little did we know milk, touted for its mega calcium propelled bone building properties, was in fact leaching the calcium from our bones. More on THAT later too. Spoiler alert: Casein is a dietary devil cloaked in a milky white washed dairy deception. In 1990, my first year at university, I wrote[…]

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