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Turkey Gorditas and Luke Perry

Turkey Gorditas and Luke Perry

  This post is about gorditas. Not true Mexican gorditas, but the gorditas you might find at a fast food restaurant except these gorditas are muy delish. How many more times can I say gorditas in this paragraph? But you have to admit it’s a fun word, right? Especially if you can really get your Rs rolling. Gorrrrrrditas! So what’s with the Luke Perry reference? Just look at my son’s face. Honestly this kid. He’s always acting and hamming it up for the camera. On this particular night, he was clearly Luke Perry in a sombrero. And yes, my daughter IS holding a chihuahua. No we didn’t eat it— our ground meat of choice is turkey. We also enjoy Lentil Walnut Taco “Meat.” (Recipe at the end of this post) Gorditas are basically hard tacos wrapped in a soft tortilla. They’re great for kids like my daughter who has fine motor issues. She finds holding the soft shell easier and it catches a lot of the filling if the hard shell cracks. Note I said “a lot,” not all. That’s what the chihuahua is for. Clean up. Here’s how we make our gorditas:   Our family’s fave fillings include: refried[…]

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