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Sprouting—I’ve Been Growing Actual Food On My Countertop!

Sprouting—I’ve Been Growing Actual Food On My Countertop!

I’ve been sprouting! And not just that one persistent hair on my chin. Thank you hormones. I’m sprouting beans. I am growing actual food like a farmer, only my field is my kitchen counter. While perusing the The Green Living Show in Toronto a few months ago, I came across the Sprouting World booth. I had no idea sprouting was even a thing. I’d never really thought about where bean sprouts came from. I just assumed they came from Whole Foods. Of course you can buy sprouts and sprouted salads from a variety of quality grocery stores, but you’ll pay mega beans. Sprouting dried organic beans at home is a much more economical option. Plus, it’s fast food (in a good way), totally easy to do, and the kids love watching the beans sprout. It’s like a science project on our counter 24/7. Since our family started following a veganish diet, we’ve bean (pun intended) enjoying having this fresh and nutritious bounty at our fingertips. Blended in a smoothie, added to a sandwich, sprinkled on top of soup, in a salad or simply eaten by the handful (sprouted green peas taste like fresh peas from the pod) there are lots[…]

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