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Which Type Of Holiday Shopper Are You?

Which Type Of Holiday Shopper Are You?

  According to numerous studies (all conducted in my head) there are three distinct types of holiday shoppers.  1) The Super Shopper: This queen of the list is fuelled by a passion for purchasing and is a true hunter/gatherer at heart. The Super Shopper begins buying gifts for any given holiday, months in advance.  2) The Slothy Shopper: Since this harried shopper leaves everything to the last minute, she is fuelled by panic and large volumes of caffeine.  3) The Delusional Shopper: This shopper believes they have purchased everything necessary for the holidays well in advance. However, upon inspection of the various trimmings and gifts mere hours before the malls close for the holidays, self-doubt sets in. “Did I balance the stocking stuffers fairly between the kids? Actually, WHERE ARE THE STOCKING STUFFERS?? And what about the dog? He deserves more than a rubber bone in his stocking. And, my girl was eye-balling that Fisher-Price Gymnastics Dora at the store yesterday. I’m grossly unprepared! I’ll just run out and get a few more things.” This internal monologue is soon followed by the sound of tires screeching toward the mall. Which one of these shoppers are YOU?    According to another very scientific study (also[…]

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