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You Have (Santa) Mail

You Have (Santa) Mail

  First the Tooth Fairy’s identity was revealed, then the Easter Bunny’s, and now Santa’s future is precarious at best. My nine year old is questioning the reality of Santa Claus. But, I’m not ready to let the magic go. Not yet. Since it seems this will be our last Christmas having two believers in our midst, we’re going large this year. The jingle metre will be cranked up from medium-ho to maximum-merry! Our Elf On The Shelf is perched and ready and we’re going to sit on Santa’s lap next week. Uh the kids, not me. Unless Nick is a looker this year. Oh dear, does that me a ho-ho-ho? {Just a little cheeky Christmas humour for the adults. We have to laugh or the stress of this “festive” season can be overwhelming. *adds a shot of baileys to her coffee*} Back to our Best Christmas Ever agenda… We’ll watch the Santa tracker on Christmas Eve and make sleigh tracks in the snow {please, please let there be snow} in the morning before the kids get up. Today we wrote letters to Santa and while the kids were doing that, I snuck off to set up their personal email[…]

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