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Little Cough, Big Scare

Little Cough, Big Scare

  It started as a simple cough. Then simple turned into complicated. And we took one giant step backwards. “We’ve come so far,” I sobbed to my husband. “It’s unfair,” I cried into his shoulder. It took me years to quiet the fears after our daughter suffered her first and nearly fatal seizure. It took time and hard work to get back on track after that. But, eventually the PTSD faded into fleeting worries, and those worries began to quiet. Mostly. We finally had a taste of what family life is like without the fear. So this summer we ventured far and wide and high. We traveled by plane—up in the air for hours away from the possibility of medical assistance. We enjoyed a cabin high up in the mountains. We frolicked in lakes, camped, and canoed, paddling farther and farther away from access to help if we should need it. But guess what? I wasn’t worried. At all. Life was sweet—the sweetest and most fun it’s ever been for our family. Then the cough.  Our son got it first. Just a dry hacking cough, no other symptoms. A month later, near the very end of our family vacation in[…]

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