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Want To Get ‘Er Done? Make Yourself Unavailable

Want To Get ‘Er Done? Make Yourself Unavailable

If you want me, you can pretty much have me, any time. I guess that makes me easy. Phone me, and I’ll answer. Send me an email and I’ll respond or at least read it pretty darn quick. Facebook me, tweet me, text me….any way you want it baby, I’m your beck and call girl.    But those days are coming to an end. There are just too many demands and too little time to fit it all in. Something has to go. After reading how Lifehacker Craig Jarrow makes it a point of being unreachable in order to be more productive, I’ve decided to try to emulate him. At least for a few weeks to see how it goes. For the record, I have answered the phone TWICE while writing this, answered THREE tweets, responded to a text and checked my email FIVE times. I am a hopeless case. Here are Craig Jarrow’s top tactics for limiting distractions: Don’t Answer That Phone: If it’s not important, don’t answer. That is what voicemail is for. Only Read the Important Email: Don’t check it so often. And when you do, make sure to read the important ones first. Delete the spam. Use Quick Forms[…]

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