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Baking Up Sweet Memories

Baking Up Sweet Memories

Last week I spent an afternoon baking with my mum. No, the fire department was not summoned. This time. And to set the record straight, the time I set my kitchen on fire, I wasn’t baking. I was stir frying. Anyway, I had expert help this time. My mum knows her way around a mixing bowl. But, if you ever have the chance to cook in my mother’s kitchen, do NOT put food directly on the counter. She’s rather protective of her granite. When I tried to cut on the counter she said (shouted) “No cutting on the granite! And chocolate stains!!” After I carefully backed away from the counter top and hid the knives I said, “I thought that was the benefit of granite–that you could do stuff on it. Like roll pastry.” “Oh Lisa,” she answered. “I don’t roll pastry on my granite. Also, I don’t bake pies, I buy them.” So my mother may not be the “pie baking” kind of grandma, but she makes amazing cookies and bakes the best muffins and loafs around. And she makes me laugh, even when she’s scolding me about her rather eclectic and ample house rules. Last week Kraft Canada sent[…]

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