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Family Friendly Fish Tacos…Ole!

Family Friendly Fish Tacos…Ole!

I am NOT a Foodie. But I do love food, and taking pictures of food, and exploring new recipes, and collecting/hording beautiful cookbooks, and Vining clips of meals in the making, and sharing photos of the food I’ve made, and…holy Havarti, I may be a Foodie after all! Okay, nah. I’m not. I take crappy blurry photos with my iPhone and make a huge mess of the kitchen and occasionally burn things, spills things, and omit key ingredients… So I may not be a member of the Foodie club, but occasionally I like to share a recipe that works well for our family. These shareable edibles must be: fairly easy freezable or suitable for leftovers healthy-ish tasty budget friendly One of our family faves….a meal we enjoy at least twice a month is this Costa Rican Rice Bowl.  A new favourite is Fresh Baja Fish Tacos (not to be confused with Bah ha Fish Tacos which are tacos made with clown fish…..sorry, a true Foodie would never make such a lame joke). I recently received this DELICIOUS cookbook called 200 Easy Mexican Recipes: Authentic Recipes From Burritos to Enchiladas by Kelley Cleary Coffeen. Along with the fish tacos I’ve also[…]

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