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Let Them Eat Cake—Her Very First Party

Let Them Eat Cake—Her Very First Party

The girl who had never been to a birthday party can finally say, “I partied.” She’s been talking about going to her friend’s birthday party since the day she opened the invitation. Which was a very good day by the way.    She excitedly joined right in with the other girls. With a *teeny* bit of mummy’s help, she made jewelry with her friends—a tiara fit for a princess.      A jewelry box, coloured orange, dotted with gems     And a bracelet which she refuses to take off.       Curious about the Princess cake, before I could stop it, she stuck a tiny finger in the icing.      The picky eater who eats like a bird, happily sat (in one spot!) and ate a whole slice of pizza and beamed.     Then out came the cake. And where there is cake, there are bound to be candles. This kid loves the flicker of a flame.      Not like Drew. Birthday candles come with the promise of good times.     As the birthday girl got ready to make a wish, Avery inched closer…     …and closer     ….until she had positioned herself[…]

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