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The BEST Lip Treatment For Chapped Lips

The BEST Lip Treatment For Chapped Lips

This is my friend Sarah and these are her lips. Note how smooth and supple they are. Every winter my daughter and I suffer from terribly chapped lips. My case is generally mild, but Avery’s lips are horrendous. Chapped lips or Chelities is usually caused by dryness, cold weather, sun/wind exposure or, in my daughter’s case, chronic mouth breathing. Cracking, flaking, peeling, burning, bleeding and even crusting — chapped lips suck and that ain’t lip service.  Lips normally have a very thin oily film on their surface that provides natural protection against moisture loss. If this film is removed, often due to lip licking or biting, this causes the lips to become chapped. Source Over the years we’ve tried several moist ointments, salves and creamy emollients. Haha, I just used five of my most despised words in one sentence and cracked myself (and my lips) right up. No but seriously, we have tried Vaseline, Chapstick, Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, coconut oil and some organic lip butter thing from the health food store. I’ve even smeared butter on my lips out of shear desperation. None of these did much other than to provide temporary relief (and make me crave popcorn). This is what has worked[…]

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