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This Is Not Your Ordinary Family Photo

This Is Not Your Ordinary Family Photo

This post is about finding the thing that  makes you smile every time you see it. My ‘thing’ was inspired by my friend Natalie. She created this fabulous family mosaic below. I lusted after it and wanted something similar. But maybe with less work. Okay, with no work if possible. Nat is crafty and patient so naturally her handmade masterpiece was picture perfect. I’m more lazy than crafty and impatient is my middle name (that, and Lynn because weren’t 78% of girls born in 1970 blessed with Lynn as their middle name?). So this ‘Lisa Impatient Lynn’ took a different approach to the family collage. I created my masterpiece online using CanvasPop. The company asked if I’d like to give them a try. I have friends who’ve created gorgeous custom prints with them before so I had already bookmarked this in my brain for a future project. I’ve ordered photos online in the past and it’s a royal pain. That annoying red X that pops up saying my photo is too small to upload? It’s enough to make me bang my head against the wall—the blank wall, where photos would be if I was actually able to order them.  […]

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