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Digital Health Rocks My World

Digital Health Rocks My World

Since I’m a pragmatist (yet another -ist in our lengthy “ist list”) I compiled our daughter’s complex medical history—doctor and therapist information, appointment dates, test results and educational assessments in one central and portable location…hence the behemoth medical binder I took with me to every single appointment. This journey began nearly seven years ago—pre Twitter and when Facebook was still in its infantile “Lisa is feeling….” stage. Fortunately, chat rooms and message boards were readily available and I embraced both eagerly and gratefully. I was able to connect online with other parents of children with special needs and received support and valuable information. Mothers with older children reached out to me, a frightened mom of a small child with a fragile future. They held my hand virtually and showed me the way. Seven years ago if you asked me about an iPhone I’d have said, “I phone who? I phone you later.” My cell was a flip phone held together with tape. Data plans referred to daddy’s weekend golf game, and camera phones, iCloud, digital calendars/reminders belonged in the realm of George Jetson. But now, in a blink of an eye, we live in a whole new wonderful Wi-Fi world.[…]

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