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Inspired By Your Strength

Inspired By Your Strength

Humour helps me maintain a positive attitude. Though there are some days when I’m an anxious stressball wrapped in worry, drizzled with a pessimistic glaze. But finding the funny always seems to bring me back. Some people look at me sideways when I make jokes about my child’s leg braces or other things (which I won’t name for fear that you think less of me). They feel it’s in poor taste perhaps. To that I say, “Deal with it. This is how I cope.” Another way I avoid crossing over to the dark depressing side is by drawing strength and inspiration from those close to me—the loving, thoughtful, brave people I am blessed to know. Tiff is my best friend since the third grade. We have grown from children to women together and she knows the true me, and accepts me warts and all (*For the record, I don’t actually have warts, though I am sporting a large pimple on my chin which my daughter keeps referring to as “Mummy’s boo-boo”). Tiff fought cancer and kicked its ass and she’s experienced significant loss, more than once. Despite it all, she remains the most playful person I know. Her zest for life inspires me.[…]

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