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I enjoy orange. Pumpkin pie, ginger cats, sunsets, and my favourite, orange splats! I’ve been an Orangetheory Fitness enthusiast since 2016. I wrote a bit about that “journey” HERE.

Right up until the first lockdown here in Ontario, I was OTFing four times a week. When the gym re-opened I was desperate to return, but my daughter’s underlying medical conditions put her at risk of Covid complications. My girlie comes first. Always. 

So I committed to working out at home. At first I was one of those “I’m totally gonna glow-up!” people. I was up for all the Tiktok challenges. I started running. I ordered a yoga swing (Yes, that’s what it’s for!!). I tried the Orangetheory fitness At Home videos. I vowed to move my body every day. But then one day I just stopped. I don’t even know why. I just lost all motivation. 

I’m certainly not beating myself up about that. These are stressful days. But sometime around October I decided enough was enough. Enough junk food. Enough wine-o-clocks. Enough pretending that perimenopause “made me do it.” 

I started seeing a holistic nutritionist who opened my eyes. And shut my chip scarfing mouth. I’m kidding. But she definitely steered me in a new direction in terms of my diet and nutrition. And I’m not talking “diet” like rigid restrictions and body shaming garbage. Weight loss wasn’t my end game. Mind you, her program is helping me lose weight, but as a pleasant side effect. Without getting into the whole nutrition side of things, one cool thing I learned is that type O blood types, like me, do really well with HIIT style exercise. And Orangetheory just happens to be the best HIIT workout I’ve ever done. 

I know me. I need the buzz of the studio, the chatter of friends, and a real live coach coaxing me up off the floor. 

Orangetheory At Home videos didn’t hold my attention for long. I spent most of the workout just lying on the floor staring at the ceiling. I’m not a fitness trainer, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t burn a lot of calories. 

Just in the nick of time, as Ontario entered its second lockdown, my home studio announced…

After doing four classes I can honestly say this is the next best thing to being in studio with other actual human beings. 

It’s social, it’s sweaty and it’s sensational. And, the 60 second commute to the basement is pretty convenient. No coat, boots (or babysitters!) required. 

Here’s how it works…


>> Book a class via the Orangetheory app. There are a variety of daily time slots seven days a week. Classes have a maximum of 20 spots, so book early.

6:30AM? I think I might regret this over-enthusiastic lapse of judgement.

>> An email to join the class is sent to the email associated with your OTF login 25-30 minutes prior to start time.

>> Orangetheory LIVE is compatible with Chrome browser and accessible via laptop/desktop only. To join, you’ll need a webcam with your computer.

>> Choose to appear on the screen with your friends or set to “coach only” so you’re hidden but the coach can still see you to make corrections and offer encouragement. FYI–your video box is small. Other members can’t see you well so if you’re worried about how you look, don’t. I literally rolled out of bed this morning and joined the class with puffy eyes and bedhead.

Looks like somebody stepped on my face in my sleep.

>> You can join the class up to 10 minutes before so you can mingle with the coach and other members before your workout starts. Sigh…I miss the old “chat in the lobby days.”

>> The standard late cancel policy still applies. I mean yes, you can cancel—stuff happens—but you need to give 8 hours notice. This 100% works for me. (Aka prevents me from bailing last minute WHICH I TOTALLY WOULD if given the chance). If I know a coach is expecting me, and saving my spot, I feel too guilty to stand them up. #manners

>> Pair your heart rate monitor with the Orangetheory app on your phone or with the LIVE platform and keep track of your splats and stats.


>> If you’ve done an OTF in-studio class, it’s essentially the same format—a 45-50 minute class divided into blocks consisting of strength, power, endurance and flexibility. You don’t need a bike, rower, tread or weights for this. Body weight and movement will get you sweating. Like, a lot. If you have mini bands and/or dumbbells, you can always add them to build the burn. You can also use paint cans, laundry detergent jugs or whatever else you have around the house. 

>> I can’t post a picture of the workout screen, for privacy reasons, but here’s an artist’s rendering for you.

childlike drawing of the orangetheory LIVE workout screen. Pencil squares with stick figure drawings in each of people exercising.

>> You’re muted during the class so you can easily hear the music and the coach (and they can’t hear you swearing and complaining). If you want to smack talk encourage a friend in the class or ask the coach a question, you can use the CHAT feature any time during the class. You’re unmuted after the flexibility block so you can brag about how sweaty you are, or curse the person who invented the Ultimate Burpee, or make fun of the person who worked out with a dog on her neck. 

I miss being out in the world. I miss sweating and laughing with my friends. So thank you Orangetheory for bringing this orange ray of sunshine into our homes. 

**By the way, this post isn’t about what YOU should do. I’m not the boss of you (unless you’re a family member reading this and in that case, I totally am). This post is about what *I* am doing and why I love it. Though I’m pretty sure if you try a class, you’ll love it too. 

Try a LIVE workout at home to see what it’s like! Sign up for a FREE class HERE.

chubbuy orange cat lies outstretched and asleep on a glass coffee table.
Photo of me after my first LIVE class. 😹

Disclosure: As a long time Orangetheory Ambassador, I’m fortunate to have had early access to these live classes in the training phase. As an ‘influencer’ (I take sweaty selfies and candid real-time videos for OTF North Oakville) I am provided with complimentary classes. It’s a pretty sweet orange-ment. 🙂

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