Practical Magic—Holiday Gifts For All

I’m all for holiday magic, but I’m also a fan of practicality. So I guess I’m looking for some practical magic this year. And I don’t mean the 1998 film starring Nicole Kidman.

My daughter put a hover board, roller skates, a caster board, and a “big” bike on her wish list. What’s up with this kid’s obsession with wheels?? As much as I’d love to give her anything she asks for, my priority is to keep her out of the ER. So, I’ve had to think outside the gift box this year (this weird online-shopping-because-of-a-freaking-pandemic, year) to come up with holiday gifts that are maybe not as fun as being on wheels, but enjoyable (and practical and accessible) nonetheless.

Before diving into this list of ‘practical magic’ gift ideas please note…

If the item was gifted to me by a brand, I’ll state that in the description.

For some gifts I’ve included an affiliate link to the item on Amazon—where you can check the price, get more details, and most importantly READ THE PRODUCT REVIEWS. I never buy anything online these days without checking reviews first. HOWEVER, if you can find the item or something similar from a local vendor, buy it there. I know we’re all trying to shop local and support small Canadian businesses whenever we can. 🇨🇦

Sectioned plates are perfect for snacks or “This and That” meals. My daughter is learning to make her own lunch and plates like these (or silicone muffin trays) make it easier for her to portion servings. And it’s just more fun. SHOP

Flameless flickering candles are pretty and soothing but SAFE.
Avery has always wanted a candle in her room. Hard no. But now I can say yes without taking out extra insurance. 😉 These ones come with a remote for setting a timer or adjusting the brightness. SHOP

I bought this weighted blanket for my daughter at Costco last week. We haven’t tried it yet, but hoping it’s a hit. It’s available online but was a few dollars cheaper in store. SHOP

My nephew has this aquarium night light and it was days before I realized the jellyfish aren’t real! Sigh. They’re really comforting to watch and the glow is so warm and pretty. Bonus, you don’t have to feed them or clean the tank. SHOP

Reusable burger holders keep burgers or sandwiches or even tacos together and prevent the fixings from falling out. Plus, the silicone cradle keeps hands and pants way less saucy. 🙂 SHOP *Gifted

A portable projector turns your yard into a summer drive-in or your garage (in the winter during a pandemic) into a theatre. SHOP

I saw these “mindful puzzles” at Walmart this week. These 300 piece puzzles include a 30 day subscription to the Calm App (which we already have and love). I can’t find a link for these, but I believe they were under $10 in store.

Chromino!! We’re a dominoes family (the pizza and the game) so this is perfect for us. It’s a refreshing variant of Dominoes that uses colours instead of numbers. It’s fast paced—we can play in under 30 minutes. Developmentally it’s good for turn taking, matching, and critical thinking. SHOP *Gifted

BOOKS that emphasize positivity, inclusion and kindness…need I say more? These ones caught my attention, but there are many more amazing titles to choose from at Chapters/Indigo, Amazon and at most of our favourite bookstores.

I love everything at Pinhole Press including this photo memory game and custom photo and board books. They’re so sweet and special.

UNO Showdown is the matching card game we know and love (and have been playing for decades!!), but with the unexpected excitement of a card-shooting smackdown! Um, yes please. Awesome for family game night — 2 to 10 players ages 7 years+.​​ SHOP *Gifted

CAH is my absolute favourite ADULT game and now there’s a family friendly version…Kids Against Maturity! Sign me up. SHOP

I love LeapFrog. This bilingual book introduces words in both English and French for an interactive experience young children and kids with intellectual disabilities or speech delays will enjoy. SHOP

These weighted stuffed animals that calm with their magically weighted HUGS. Magical and practical! See? That’s what I’m talking about. 😉 SHOP

Related: Here’s my tried and true “Holiday Gift Hiding Hack” that is working like a charm. I haven’t misplaced a gift or stocking stuffer since 2018!

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