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Practical Magic—Holiday Gifts For All

Practical Magic—Holiday Gifts For All

I’m all for holiday magic, but I’m also a fan of practicality. So I guess I’m looking for some practical magic this year. And I don’t mean the 1998 film starring Nicole Kidman. My daughter put a hover board, roller skates, a caster board, and a “big” bike on her wish list. What’s up with this kid’s obsession with wheels?? As much as I’d love to give her anything she asks for, my priority is to keep her out of the ER. So, I’ve had to think outside the gift box this year (this weird online-shopping-because-of-a-freaking-pandemic, year) to come up with holiday gifts that are maybe not as fun as being on wheels, but enjoyable (and practical and accessible) nonetheless. Before diving into this list of ‘practical magic’ gift ideas please note… If the item was gifted to me by a brand, I’ll state that in the description. For some gifts I’ve included an affiliate link to the item on Amazon—where you can check the price, get more details, and most importantly READ THE PRODUCT REVIEWS. I never buy anything online these days without checking reviews first. HOWEVER, if you can find the item or something similar from a local[…]

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