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Ontario’s “New” Sex Ed Curriculum Is A Dangerous Mistake

Ontario’s “New” Sex Ed Curriculum Is A Dangerous Mistake

Yesterday as I was speaking to somebody about the premier’s decision to revise Ontario’s sex ed curriculum, I soon realized that only one of us perceived it as an absolute travesty.  With a flippant shoulder shrug they said, “Sex ed should be taken out of schools and taught at home anyway.”   And that’s when my head exploded. For my outside Ontario readers, to catch you up to speed—we recently elected a new premier to lead our province. We had two very qualified female candidates, a male candidate who values change, community, and the environment above all else, and a Donald Trump clone. The clone won.  Premier Ford kept his promise to revise the current health and physical education curriculum. Effective this fall, we will be reverting back to 1998 curricula.  The ramifications of this decision have been discussed heatedly across the internet. Google the topic and you’ll discover that students in Ontario will no longer learn about same-sex marriage, transgender or queer youth, or gender identity. They won’t be taught about the social and sexual dangers of our digital society or about consent either.  Instead of building on the curriculum, important topics like these and more, have been erased.  Back to[…]

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