Back To School 2017 For Kids & Mom Too


It’s exactly one week until back to school. I have mixed feelings, same as last year. But no matter which side of the BTS fence (yay or wah) you fall on this fall, you’re going to have to buy a few supplies. 

Sure, you can send your kid back to school with a ripped and somewhat mildewy lunch bag, but should you? 

And yes, you can stock up SOLELY for your kids. But why? YOU organized the summer. YOU curated memories. YOU slathered your squirmy kids with sunscreen. I’d say that deserves a little treat or two for mom.

I’d like to state up front—so you know I haven’t been held at (staple) gunpoint to say nice things in exchange for free stuff—that this post is NOT sponsored. I bought most of these items myself, but Staples Canada gave us some things to try out at an AWESOME event styled by my fiercely talented friend Sarah Gunn. 

FYI… Sarah designed this Dream Dorm Room for the #ThinkSTAPLES event in Toronto this summer. I felt like a proud mama bear blogger. It was stunning. And everything (minus the clothes) can be made or bought at Staples. Yes, even the rug and the gorgeous wallpaper! The FULL LIST OF PRODUCTS IS HERE

Back To School For Kids

1. Fun binders like this one by Avery with the popular emoji theme. My daughter Avery thinks they’re pretty awesome. Obviously. She also thinks the #AveryGivesBack campaign is brilliant (and that #AveryMakingFaces is specifically about her). Turn your selfie into a donation PLUS earn a chance to win $500. She’s right. Brilliant. 🙂 You can enter your selfie HERE.

2. Of all the BTS supplies stuffed into her backpack (since early July) this is by far my daughter’s favourite. Not sure why she’s so stuck on this glitter glue. It’s pretty, I’ll give her that. But it’s non-toxic and washable so it made the list.

3. I love these Sharpie Highlighter colours with “Smear Guard” ink! (Sorry, I have a friend who loathes the word smear even more than the word moist so I had no choice but to ‘highlight’ this detail. LOL!) 

5. How sweet are these Mr. Sketch Ice Cream Markers? (Side Note: I can’t say, “Mr. Sketch” without thinking of the creepy dude who lived next door to me in my old apartment. He was also scented. But like beer and dirty socks.)

6. This USB Port Super Charger increases the chance that I’ll maybe, possibly be able to find a place to charge my phone amid the plethora of my family’s devices charging on my kitchen island. so…many…iThings…

7. Oh Canada, we love this Canada 150 Wireless Mouse. I got to use it for a full five minutes before my son “borrowed” it. 

8. I had no idea webcam Peeping Toms were a thing. Apparently they are. Um, ew. So as my kids always say, “Safety First” so now our laptop webcams are covered. You can absolutely use tape or a webcam cover like this one by Whoosh is an inexpensive way to cover your webcam while leaving it accessible. The cover simply slides open and closed. Take that Tom, ya perv. 

9. For the teen boy who wants a lunch bag big enough for three sandwiches, but isn’t interested in patterns or anything too childish (he has his high school “swag cred” to protect) there’s this bag from Roots. I bought this Swiss Gear bag for my son last year. And this Luis Garneau lunch bag seems like a pretty swag bag. {Hey Sebastian, is your mum using the term swag correctly? I know how much you love it when I talk all cool. Want me to post an Instagram story about it? LMAO…. Oh man, if you can’t mortify your children, what’s the point?}

For the tween girl who isn’t concerned with swag… my daughter hearts this pretty Ketto Dome Bag. But, she already has so many lunch bags. Seriously so many. Including this Hilroy bag. Mind you it was only $5.00. It’s good to have a backup for when she leaves her lunch bag at school by mistake. Oh, and she will.  

10. Notice how there’s no photo of the perfect water bottle? That’s because I fear it doesn’t exist. I’ve been on a never ending quest. I’m looking for a bottle that’s BPA free of course. Not too tinny (tastes gross). Glass is pretty and clean but..butterfingers. Easy open lid. Simple design. No straw thank you. They get lost or bunged up with ick. No spill. Not $40+. Help! Suggestions?

11. You can’t go wrong with these LunchBlox sandwich and snack containers. We’ve been using them for ages. I bought this stackable “Snack Tube” last year for my daughter and only realized what it looked like after I got it home. Now I send it to school as often as I can. You’re welcome for the laugh, Avery’s lunch supervisor. 🙂 

For Mom. Because BTS is Like Christmas Shopping. But fun. 

1. So this one is a kid/mom hybrid product. I like if for me, but the kids can use it themselves for a quick breakfast before school so, that’s a win for me. We LOVE our Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker and use it all the time. We have an older model that still does the trick, but the newest model has a timer which makes it even easier to use! (Since we got our sandwich maker, HB has come out with a Breakfast Wrap Maker! Pretty sure I need one of these in my life.)

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2. I love my essential oil diffuser. My house now smells like Pottery Barn 24/7. So now I can take that om smell with me on the go. I ordered this aromatherapy bracelet online. It’s not this one (I can’t find the original vendor) but very similar. Mine was only $9 and it’s good quality. It comes with an assortment of coloured washable pads that you put a few drops of oil on and wear all day. Sniff whenever you feel stressed. I sniff often.

3. July 1 2018 has come early and I’m all about the Instant Pot. I ordered it and then didn’t touch the thing for three months out of fear and intimidation. Not only do I touch it now, I used it 3-4x a week. Major time saver. Plus, best rice ever. Highly recommend. It definitely makes busy school nights much less hangry. 

4. I ordered this laptop stand on this summer and love it. Makes working at my desk more comfortable. More writing. Less hunching. It comes in black or silver. 

5. And finally, mama wants a Sling Bag. The only reason I haven’t ordered one yet is because I can’t decide between a cute Kavu rope bag (I can’t choose a pattern. Do I go neutral like this herringbone one or bright and pretty?). Or maybe a standard Patagonia sling bag. Once the kids get back to school, I’ll have more time to decide. Ooh, maybe I AM happy about BTS after all…

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