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Back To School 2017 For Kids & Mom Too

Back To School 2017 For Kids & Mom Too

  It’s exactly one week until back to school. I have mixed feelings, same as last year. But no matter which side of the BTS fence (yay or wah) you fall on this fall, you’re going to have to buy a few supplies.  Sure, you can send your kid back to school with a ripped and somewhat mildewy lunch bag, but should you?  And yes, you can stock up SOLELY for your kids. But why? YOU organized the summer. YOU curated memories. YOU slathered your squirmy kids with sunscreen. I’d say that deserves a little treat or two for mom. I’d like to state up front—so you know I haven’t been held at (staple) gunpoint to say nice things in exchange for free stuff—that this post is NOT sponsored. I bought most of these items myself, but Staples Canada gave us some things to try out at an AWESOME event styled by my fiercely talented friend Sarah Gunn.  FYI… Sarah designed this Dream Dorm Room for the #ThinkSTAPLES event in Toronto this summer. I felt like a proud mama bear blogger. It was stunning. And everything (minus the clothes) can be made or bought at Staples. Yes, even the rug[…]

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