Have You Seen This Video?


“What video?!” you ask. I said there would be a charming video here today, but there’s nothing but this empty video player. 

Yes I announced with great confidence yesterday that I would be posting all sorts of video content going forward. So much video. I even went on Facebook just now and blabbed about the first of said videos and teased you with a link. 

The link took you here. Sorry, just words. No video.

But before you scold me for unfulfilled video promises (the video I started today wasn’t going to be very good anyway, so it’s actually a blessing) I want to explain why making videos is paralyzingly difficult for me. And maybe for you too?

It’s not like I don’t have anything to talk about. Ask my friends and family—I rarely shut up. But when it comes to turning thoughts into actual watchable video content, there are some very real obstacles like:

  • I could use my iPhone to shoot the video but I need to charge it. I swear my phone is eternally at 4% battery life
  • I have a bit of a sore throat (allergies maybe) so I should probably rest my voice. My health comes first. I should probably go eat a popsicle.
  • I’m not wearing any make-up today. It’s too humid to bother. It’ll just slide off anyway.
  • It’s cloudy so the lighting inside my house isn’t ideal. Vlogging gurus say it’s all about good lighting. 
  • These puffy eye bags. My friend texted me this morning to tell me that her water-to-wine ratio has gone way up and as a result her under eye puffiness has gone down. Well my husband and I are doing “Dry July” (for health and because it rhymes) and I’m plenty hydrated. Yet I still have alarming eye baggage. I think maybe this is just my face now??
  • Unsightly pimple. Two actually. Thanks hormones! Look away, I’m a menstrosity. 
  • I need to update my You Tube Channel before I post a new video. Like, make some playlists and re-word my bio. I can’t have a messy house before I invite people in, right?
  • Whenever I go to You Tube to spruce up my channel I get sidetracked by America’s Got Talent. Every time. Sixty seconds of a kid with a sad story and song will cost me at least an hour.
  • I have pressing matters to take care of on my to-do list before I can actually film. My to-do list is endless. And did I mention, pressing?
  • There are very loud landscaping noises coming from outside. So much mowing.  
  • My hair is very flat, yet also frizzy. Humidity such a pain in the ass. 
  • I’m expecting a phone call any minute. I should just wait and get that out of the way first. Plus my camera is still charging.
  • My husband is home today and I feel weird talking to myself with an audience. And I’m pretty sure he’ll heckle me at some point. 
  • Peri-menopause Brain—I can’t remember random words off the top of my head which makes it hard to string together a coherent sentence. 

So as you can see, it’s not that I didn’t want to post a video today. Clearly I just had waaaayyy too much going on. But definitely tomorrow. Although, the kids have a dentist appointment and I’m getting my hair cut… 

To make up for inviting you here and then not following through on my promise of a video, here’s a cat wearing glasses. 



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