Beach Babies Rejoice

I grew up with sand between my toes—not a comment on my mother’s housekeeping, but a product of living a stone’s throw from White Rock beach. I spent every possible minute turning over rocks in search of sea critters, and digging my feet into the sand until it went from warm and dry to cool and wet. 

All children should experience the joy of exploring tidal pools, building sandcastles, and running barefoot on the sand. 


This is why I’m thrilled to share this video about “World Beach Rescue Day.” Not to mention that it combines two of my favourite things—the beach and wine. Barefoot Wines and the beach go together like Frankie and Annette (If you don’t understand that reference you might be a Millennial, in which case, you’ll have go Google it. Or like, Snapchat it).

Since moving away from my beloved seashore to the land locked province of Ontario, I’ve come to appreciate the great Great Lakes. They are rather spectacular—shark free and unsalted even.

I haven’t switched teams completely however. Ocean or lakes, or rivers for that matter, they all run through me. It’s more about the beach. Step barefoot onto sand, and stress involuntarily dissipates. 

Beaches re-connect us with our inner child. Plus sand is the closest we can get to the earth without standing in actual dirt. 

So we need to work together to keep our beaches clean. We owe that to the little sea critters whose homes we overturn when the tide goes out. And we owe it to our kids who deserve the chance to dig their bare feet into the sand.  


To spread the message even further, Barefooters around the world joined forces to create larger than life sand art installations to inspire participation and awareness of the project. No matter the language you speak, the message is clear: “Leave Only Footprints.”

Since its start 10 years ago, the beach-cleaning effort has expanded to more than 14 countries around the world with 14,000 participating volunteers who have collected more than 20 tons of trash from our beaches!

On July 9, volunteers in 11 countries around world will lend a hand – and a foot! – at simultaneous beach clean up events in an effort to improve the state of their local shores, rivers, and lakes by removing pollution before it enters our waterways. Volunteers will be provided reusable bags and gloves and directed to areas of the beaches most in need of tender loving care. Afterward, as is tradition, volunteers will be invited to an appreciation celebration that includes delicious food, exciting entertainment, and complimentary Barefoot Wine & Bubbly.

Want to join the fun, but don’t live near a beach? You can join the movement by posting a photo of how you’re making the world a better place on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WorldBeachRescueDay. For every post using the hashtag, during the period of June 27th through August 31st, Barefoot will donate $1 to the Surfrider Foundation.Together, we can make a lasting Footprint. 


You never know what you’ll find in the sand on your beach clean up! 😉


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