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The Soundtrack of My Life Today

The Soundtrack of My Life Today

  Taking my friend Laureen’s lead, I started thinking about the role music plays in my attitude and in my life in general. I work better with music playing. I live better too. Breakfast with the kids is always accompanied by a soundtrack selected by my twelve year old. It’s usually something like the John Williams channel on Jango (internet radio). Avery always shows her appreciation when a song from Star Wars comes on. “Ohhhhhh, Star Warrrrrrs….” she’ll whisper with just the right amount of dramatic reverence. Our iPad conked out today, so no Jango. Breakfast without musical accompaniment is just, toast. So I dug out an old radio from the basement and plugged it in. We listened to an actual radio station with DJs and news breaks and everything. The kids were slightly bewildered by it all. During my work day I try to fuel my creativity with music. Depending on my task, the music shifts from hip hop to classical to folk music to talk radio. Laureen posed the question, “What song gets you up and running?” I thought I’d add to the conversation by asking, “What songs make up the soundtrack of your life right now?” Specifically[…]

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