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Is It Time For A Puntervention?

Is It Time For A Puntervention?

I appreciate a good pun, but not everyone feels the same. Some shun the pun and quietly seethe in the punner’s general direction. Sure this type of word play may not be the most sophisticated form of literature, but if one finds joy in a simple turn of phrase, what’s the harm? I once had a three week twitter convo flinging shoe puns back and forth with a fellow punster. A few people piped up to tell us to hold our tongues, but alas we chose not to tread lightly and instead ran ahead and even amped it up a bit to boot. If puns make you want to pun-ch a wall, then move along. But if a silly string of puns makes you smile, take a few minutes to listen to this recent skit from CBC’s “Irrelevant Show.” It’s only a matter of time before my family does this to me. Well, after they take care of my mother (the matriarchal punner of our family) first. Check out this “puntervention.” Puns—hate them or love them, this skit is for you! Listen Here. As a pun-lover and a photoshop addict, this image brings me ever so much joy.  Image

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