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Decisions—Growing Pains Update

Decisions—Growing Pains Update

When I wrote about recent Growing Pains with our daughter so many of you jumped in to offer support, compassion and some kick ass advice. We all know it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes that same village to support a family who’s spinning in circles, not knowing what to do. Thank you village. Sincerely. We’ve stopped spinning. For now at least. We met with a wonderful pediatric endocrinologist yesterday at Sick Kids. I can’t say often enough how lucky we are to live just a short drive away from this world class children’s hospital. With the support of a wonderful doctor and her team, we have decided to put off Avery’s impending human growth hormone treatment for at least six months. Pheeeeeee-ew. We learned the injections are nothing to fear. After the learning curve, they will become just another part of our daily routine. I can live with this. It’s the fear of the C word that has temporarily stopped us in our tracks. Avery’s pituitary does not produce enough HGH. The answer to why is hidden somewhere deep within her unique genetic make-up. But also lurking there in the shadows are other unthinkable possibilities.[…]

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