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The 12 Days of Easter—The Hunt Starts Now!

The 12 Days of Easter—The Hunt Starts Now!

Any chance to party and my family is on it like confetti on a wet floor. Christmas is at least a month long celebration at our house, so it only makes sense that Easter should last for more than just one day. THIS is why we celebrate the 12 Days of Easter. How does it work eggs-actly? Watch this short video for details and eggs-amples to inspire you to get the hunt started early! Giant bunnies, fluffy chicks, chocolate? This kind of fun needs to last for more than just one day. I’ve done the planning for you! Adjust the activities to suit your family’s interests and adapt the clues to your specific hunting ground. Then just sit back and accept your family’s enduring admiration for making this Easter especially fun. Day 1—Leave out a letter from the Easter Bunny for your kids! It could say something like… “Dear Children, I’m so hoppy that Easter is near. It’s so much fun, I think we should get the party started early. What do you say? Are you ready for The 12 Days of Easter? Every day until the big Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday, I will leave you a clue. Solve[…]

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