Death To Daylight Saving Time


It seems I’ve been saying it wrong since the dawn of Daylight Savings Saving Time. You probably have too.

It’s Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time.

However you say it, Daylight Saving needs to end!

Did you know that losing one hour of sleep by switching to daylight saving time has been linked to increased risk of heart attacks? According to a 2014 study anyway. The same study found that heart attack risk fell 21 percent later in the year when clocks were set back one hour.

Then there’s the spike in car accidents and other mishaps that occur around the time change. Mishaps like my daughter falling off the toilet yesterday. No joke. The poor kid was so tired that she toppled off the toilet, head first into the wall. Goose egged and startled, she was not a happy camper. I guess I can’t blame that incident solely on daylight saving—she was also sporting a holter heart monitor for the day and there may have been some wire entanglement involved.

Regardless, the time change messes us up! And for what good reason? Sure, there were legit reasons way back in the beginning.


So the farmer thing is a myth apparently. Changing the clocks has to do with saving energy. That’s what my *hair dresser told me anyway. So what if we vow to use more candles? Or promise to switch over to energy saving light bulbs 100 percent for reals. Or to compost more? Would that allow us forgo the bi-yearly havoc reeked by trying to save daylight? Whenever I whine about changing the clocks, my husband ‘suggests’ I move to Saskatchewan (parts of British Columbia and most of Saskatchewan don’t participate in DST). To that I say, “I’d rather live in a perpetual state of darkness than live in Saskatchewan.” No offense Saskatchewanians. I don’t really mean it. I’m just tired and cranky. Know why? Stupid Daylight Saving time, that’s why.

So come fall when it’s time to turn the clocks back, I’m not going to do it. 

Sure, I may be early or late (I’m too tired to figure out which) for a lot of things until everyone gets on board, but it’ll be worth it. As for the extra hour of daylight? I’m not giving it back. 

Who’s with me?! 

*A source of a lot of my information.

Related and further proof that great minds think alike…see below. 

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Daylight Saving Time – How Is This Still A Thing?”

*Amended 2016: There are some people petitioning to get rid of DST. They want to stay with Standard Time all year long. Well, that’s great. I don’t care for the jarring switchy switch, but I do quite enjoy that extra hour of daylight. So when I heard permanent DST is an actual option—as in, we can keep that extra hour of daylight that we all enjoy so much ALL YEAR LONG, I said, “Yes!!! Let’s do that! Can we please just do that?” Seriously. Why aren’t we doing that? 


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