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Oh How We’ve Grown

Oh How We’ve Grown

  When this first photo was taken my daughter was three years old and just started having status epilepticus seizures and I was STRESSED out. And skinny. I felt sick to my stomach a lot of the time—great for my jeans, but not much good for anything else. Five years later, we’ve settled into our lives. There are still stressful moments, but as you can clearly see by my shapely rump, I’m not letting it get to me. “A fourth slice of pizza? Why yes, I think I will.” This post isn’t a commentary on weight gain or the fact that my hair hasn’t changed much in half a decade. No, it’s more about… ~ leaning on friends and family ~ understanding it’s easier to focus on the negative than to find the positive, but that the latter is so much better ~ choosing to laugh, because sometimes it really is a choice ~ being gentle with yourself (I’m still working on that) ~ realizing we can’t control everything (working on that one too!) ~ spending meaningful time with family because man, kids grow up fast don’t they?? ~ learning that stress can be managed with a little work and[…]

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