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Laugh When It’s Easy, Laugh Harder When It’s Not

Laugh When It’s Easy, Laugh Harder When It’s Not

Before Facebook and Twitter, we weren’t always privy to the intimate details of other people’s lives the way we are now. Today we Instashare everything — and not just the pretty moments. I find this to be both horrid and helpful. There’s no need to elaborate on the negative side of social media — the drama, the bullying (I’m talkin’ about grown-ups here) and of course the “I can never un-see that but wish I could” TMI bits. So let’s focus on the helpful. Social Media, blogging in particular, has given me an opportunity to share the story of my family — from our daughter’s diagnosis of a rare chromosomal abnormality, to now and into the future. I’ve been able to connect with other families with similar experiences, as well as with people with typical children who simply want to understand or offer support. I’m grateful for both. It isn’t easy raising a child with special needs; especially if you’re a worrier and a planner. But the one thing that helps me cope, is him —my partner in this thing called Family Life. He makes me laugh every day. Even on the really shitty days. Know how they say, “Laughter is the[…]

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