Possibly The Most Frightening Toy Review Ever


It took me YEARS to get over The Blair Witch Project and don’t even get me started on the emotional scars inflicted by Paranormal Activity.

I actually don’t mind the “during” part of these frightening flicks — it’s the movie aftermath that causes the problem — bumps in the night + an overactive imagination = a terrified me

My girlfriends and I considered renting The Conjuring recently. Didn’t happen. The trailer alone scared me silly. Those “based on a true story” movies are THE worst.

If you dare, watch the trailer below and you’ll see what I mean.

There’s a scene where the mother is blindfolded, playing hide and seek with her daughter — she asks her child to clap as a clue to her hiding place. She hears a clap alright, but it’s not her daughter. It’s, it’s….who in the hellraiser knows?! Clearly there was something evil in that house and it had me running scared. 

Explaining the premise of the movie to my husband, I imitated the freaky “clap, clap.” This would come back to haunt me later in the shape of a tiny blonde girl who sees and hears all…

*Watch how I seamlessly switch from the topic of horror movies to an adorable children’s toy. Stick with me. I promise it will all come together. Most likely. 

Our daughter has been playing independently with increasing frequency. It’s so exciting. A few nights ago after tucking her into bed, my husband and I went to bed to read. An 1/2 hour later we heard our child get up and flick on her light.

She had just received the new Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable and is obsessed (that’s obsessed, not possessed). It’s sure to be in high demand this holiday season. FYI — we saw it at Walmart last week on sale. As a Fisher-Price Play Ambassador, we test lots of toys.

The Klip Klop Stable, apart from her Dora the Explorer Jeep Wrangler is her all around favourite. The chunky Little People are easy to manipulate and the klippity klop action keeps kids engaged and entertained.

We heard her feet pad across to her play area, followed by the sound of her princesses klippity klopping down the ramp of the stable. (If you give the horses a little nudge they’ll “klip-klop” down the ramp all on their own.)


A solitary giggle rang out, followed by an eerie “clap clap.” The light went off and then silence.  

“Did you hear that?!!” I asked my husband. 

“Yup.” He replied. “Creepy. G’night.” 

He rolled over and promptly went to straight sleep. Seriously? How do men do that?? I lay there and listened in the dark, trying not to imagine anything demonic. Or even worse, how many hours it would be until our darling early bird daughter would be up, ready to start the day. 


For more information about the Little People Klip Klop Collection (say that three times fast) click here.

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