Having a good day…DISTRACTION!!


My days are full of distractions — most of which are self generated. I have the attention span of a four year old. Working at home doesn’t help. *Studies show that 89% of distractions happen in the home. And working online doesn’t help the situation. The energy used to run the internet is fuelled by the curious websurfer’s need for constant stimulation and #instagratification.

I spend about six hours a day on the web, managing social media pages and creating digital content. For those who actually work and/or venture outside the home, I thought I might give you a quick glance into a typical day of the WAHM.

  • Wake up.
  • Attempt to go back to sleep because dammit, I don’t commute so why get up at the crack of dawn?
  • Attempt to get up again but decide that a shower can wait until later. It’s not like I’ll see any actual humans today anyway.
  • Cuddle with the kids in bed until somebody (me) gets elbowed in the face.
  • Get up and put on “uniform” — jeans, flip flops, t-shirt, ponytail, lip balm,
  • Perform morning tasks and shuttle kids to school.
  • Coffee.
  • Log on to computer and vow to remain focused.
  • Search for a link to post on a client’s social media channel.
  • Find a link about Myley Cyrus instead.
  • Share the Myley link on Twitter.
  • Get involved in a heated convo about the dangers of sitting on a wrecking ball naked.
  • Go back to find that client link but check email first.
  • Open the Groupon about unlimited hair removal for $99 and forward to girlfriends.
  • Check personal Facebook page and update status.
  • Like 11 friends’ statuses.
  • Check twitter to see if the wrecking ball conversation is still going on.
  • Check to see if anyone liked my Facebook status.
  • Have an idea for a blog post and jot it down.
  • Check Facebook groups for any new messages.
  • Tweet out something HILARIOUS. Wait for response. Crickets.
  • Go back into Google to find that client link.
  • See an article about the cleansing power of breathing. Take several deep breaths and sit up taller.
  • More coffee.
  • Finally locate the link!
  • Make a phone call.
  • Vine myself making lunch.
  • Remember that I didn’t actually post that link yet.
  • Check blog stats.
  • Check Alexa rating and wonder why it’s dropped.
  • Google “How to improve Alexa rating.”
  • Start to read the article but get bored and read a few of my own blog posts instead.
  • Fix a typo.
  • Fix another typo.
  • Check email and star the ones to answer…later.
  • Post a photo of the dog to Instagram.
  • Write the title and topic sentence of a blog post and save for…later.
  • Update to do list and look for things to check off.
  • Check off nothing.
  • Log in to Google Plus. Log out.
  • Check LinkedIn.
  • Contemplate sending a story pitch to a magazine, but watch funny newscaster bloopers on You Tube instead.
  • Look for a photo to include with that client link.
  • Edit the photo in Picmonkey.
  • Edit a photo of myself in Picmonkey and post to Facebook.
  • Finally post client link and the photo!!
  • Look for another client link…..  
  • Repeat.

Basically, this clip from Vine sums up my average day perfectly.

*No such study but it sounds about right, don’t you think?

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