Last-Hurrah-Of-Summer Family Brunch

This is my family — hilarious, fun-loving family. Aren’t they cute? Notice how I’m not in the photo? I rarely am. I’m usually behind the camera. Probably a good thing in this case since I was covered in flour and some kind of unidentified sauce on my white pants. Also, I was wearing an orange horizontal striped shirt that isn’t the most flattering on camera. 

Our family attempts to get together as often as possible for a meal. We even had a short of stint of monthly Sunday dinners that sadly fizzled out last year somewhere around the November mark. Life just got too busy and we let it slide. 
This Labour Day weekend we picked up where we left off though and hosted an End of Summer Brunch. It was a chance to celebrate a sensational summer, to look ahead to fall, to catch up with each other, and to take our newly renovated kitchen for a spin. 
The menu? Pancakes, fruit salad and “Thornbury McMuffins.” I recently got a Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker to put it through its paces.  

It’s quick and easy to use – just put your ingredients in, close the lid and in 5 minutes you have a fully assembled breakfast sandwich ready to go. We made the basic egg and cheese on an English muffin, but as far as ingredients go, the sky’s the limit.

After we ate, we shot a hilarious family video to a song called, “I love waffles.” Yes, this is what we do for entertainment. We laughed so hard. Seriously…funny, funny family. Some of us didn’t want this silliness shared with the internet however (Yes, the younger generation does “share everything online”,…we can’t help it!) so in lieu of the video, just picture the family dancing and singing and having a hoot around the breakfast table to a soundtrack filled with tasty breakfast foods. Suhweet.

No what else is suhweet? School. Starts. Tomorrow. Can I get a woot, woot?

Disclaimer: Though I asked for a Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker to review, my thoughts and opinions have not been coerced with fleeting promises of fame, riches or back tickles. I chose to review this appliance because I was pretty sure my family would love it. And they did. I’m all intuitive like that.

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