My twirly girl has a new BFF!


I hate to think where I’d be without my merry band of friends. They put up with my silliness, puff me up when I’m feeling deflated and they keep me focused. They hold my hand when life is scary and they’re always there to celebrate the little day-to-day joys.

As the song says, “You gotta have frehhhhhh-hends…”

Without friends, who else is going to tell you that the horizontal striped shirt you just bought isn’t exactly flattering or agree wholeheartedly with you about whatever injustice you perceive has befallen you? Friends have your back.

This month I was asked to introduce the newest friends in the Fisher-Price Little People family. Their personalities range from energetic and curious, to imaginative and sensitive. Every child has their own unique personality and this is why Fisher-Price created this diverse group of five new characters. It’s important that children come to understand and appreciate that we’re all a little different. 

Can I get an amen to that? 



Loves to daydream and explore new things. 
Favourites: the colour green and butterflies. 


Makes people laugh and gets into every activity.
Favourites: the colour orange, dinosaurs and being silly.



Born leader, helper and animal lover.
Favourites: the colour yellow, kitty cats and dancing and twirling.



Always ready to go-go-go! Loves running, jumping and anything with a ball.
Favourites: the colour red, dogs and any sport. 



Quiet and a little shy. Loves to sort and organize and come up with solution for you if you need it.
Favourites: the colour pink, collecting and ponies.

I see bits of each of these characters in my son. He’s sometimes shy, but he also loves to make people laugh. He enjoys sports and science and dinosaurs and the colour orange. He’s a mishmash for sure.


My daughter has aspects of each as well, but there is one character who she most resembles. They are practically twins! Avery is the most helpful child I know. She adores animals and would love a *cat — if only her mummy wasn’t allergic. And the twirling? It never stops. 

Can you tell the difference? I can’t tell the difference. 

Avery has all five “Wittle People” friends lined up along her windowsill over her bed. I heard her chatting with them last night after lights out. 

 To get to know more about these fab friends, visit them at


* Cats make me itchy. My eyes weep and water and I sneeze like crazy. Avery would be such a sweet cat mum though. I wonder if I take antihistamines, could I survive? A big fluffy orange cat would make a nice addition to our family…


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