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Parenting Fails…and WINS!

Parenting Fails…and WINS!

  Some parenting blogs explore every aspect from positive to painful. While some share only the bright shiny moments and leave the missteps hidden in the shadows. I try to share the positive moments whenever I can. There’s already enough web woe to go around. However, I also divulge some of the sad times, the worries, and the parenting fails. And I fail. Often. Sometimes I worry my mistakes will somehow damage two otherwise perfectly perfect people. I’ve sent my kids to school with waffle sandwiches because yet again, I didn’t make time to get to the grocery store. Out of frustration, I’ve slapped my child’s hand. I’ve pouted like an insolent child. I’ve lied about my daughter’s age. I’ve hidden in the bathroom to check my email. Dinner has consisted of GMO laden crap instead of organic healthy and homemade because sometimes cereal for dinner just happens over here. Moments like these are not exactly worthy of a mom medal of honour. I’ve sent my children to school in raincoats on a sunny day because the weather App on my phone — accidentally set to ‘Vancouver’ — said it would rain. It was 28 degrees and sunny. I’ve neglected[…]

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