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My Break Up With Joe and Why We’re Getting Back Together

My Break Up With Joe and Why We’re Getting Back Together

  I gave up coffee and now I mourn it every morn. You might be thinking, “Why would you give it up in the first place (you stupid self masochistic woman)?” It’s because of the jitters. That may sound like a fun 1950s musical group, but I assure you, the jitters ain’t fun. I’ve been on edge, worried about things — things I can’t possibly control. I thought by eliminating caffeine I might at least be able to control those pesky jitters, at least a little. So bye-bye coffee, hello pissed off, tired, she-bitch. It’s not like I drank a lot of coffee. One cup a day. Maybe two on the weekend. I’ve been off the sacred brown elixir (with the exception of a few half cafs) for a month now. And the jitters? They’re still there, lurking. I suspect they’ll remain until I learn to cope better with the stress that goes hand in hand with parenthood and WAHM-hood and general life-hood. So this morning I’m sitting here, sipping my herbal tea scrolling through my Facebook feed and I see this Reader’s Digest article, touting the benefits of coffee. *Eyes Widen, Mouth Waters, Heartbeat Quickens* It seems I broke[…]

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