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Salutation Humiliation

Salutation Humiliation

Do you ever think to yourself, “Self, why are you such a dork?“   I do.   Like last week, as I enthusiastically waved at a friend across the vast veggie section the Super Store. The “friend” looked at me with one brow raised. This made me smile bigger and wave harder, as though by upping the ante, they’d recognize me. Well, it’s hard to recognize somebody when you’ve never met them. I was waving at a total stranger. How embarrassing though not quite as embarrassing as greeting someone’s wave with a toothy grin and happy return wave, only to realize they’re not waving at you, but the person directly behind you.    My friend and I were discussing this humbling situation the other night and exchanged stories of past salutation humiliation. For the rest of the night I waved at her from across the room and when she smiled back, I shook my head and pretended to point to someone over her shoulder. It only took about 3 or 4 of these faux waves before she caught on. She’s one of my prettiest friends.    Yesterday as I was returning from an appointment with my daughter, I decided to[…]

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