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Our Favourite Ride At Disney World

Our Favourite Ride At Disney World

When we asked our kids to name their absolute favourite Disney World ride, they unanimously agreed… The Hollywood Tower at MGM Studios was the winner! If you think our six year old would be terrified and far too little for such a ride, think again. She was the dang ring leader. When we up rode the rickety elevator for the first time, we did so together as a family. When the ride came to a stop, and the shrill screams of the riders (mostly my husband) subsided, it went silent. People were obviously catching their breath, and possibly swallowing down bile. And then amid the dark quiet a tiny voice cried out, “AGAIN!!!” My husband’s response to our daughter’s passionate plea was a solid, “Nope. Never again.” So we ditched that nauseated chicken and lined up and rode again. Several times. Yes, I felt queasy. In fact, I lost all blood flow to my upper body and my organs jellified at some point.  But, I’d do it again.  I love that my kids are fearless. That’s one of the most glorious benefits of childhood. Adventures aren’t obstructed due to pragmatic reasoning. Exhilarating experiences aren’t missed because of “what ifs?” or “maybe[…]

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