The OTHER Box (aka Facebook Message Black Hole)

So I’m killing time on Facebook while waiting for my lunch to heat up…at 10:30 am (This is what happens when your child wakes up at 5:30 — you’re starving by mid morning. Dinner is served at 4:30 by the way.) and I see this post shared by Candace:

“Other box? What other box?!” I say to myself (aloud, because we WAHMs totally talk to ourselves) and hurry over to investigate.

Lo and behold I had 68 unread messages. How did they get there you ask? Apparently messages from unconfirmed Facebook friends and the scurge of the internet end up there. Who knew? I surely didn’t and I’m not alone; not many others seem to be aware of this inbox cloaked in shadows either.

As I sifted through the messages, I found most were invitations from “Pages” or spam like this…

Oh happy day, Richard from creepy cyber space is “interested on me.” I will be sure to accept his friendship invitation because as he so eloquently said, “friend are life time investment.” Special, special times.

And how about this classy gem? On second thought, it’s too gross to share. It’s unnerving when somebody takes the time to address you by name to ask a question that warrants washing their mouth out with soap.

I also got a message from someone I actually know/like who needed a favour…in February, 2012. And, received a request for interview. The deadline was October 18th, 2011.

Next time you’re on Facebook, check your “OTHER” box…if you dare. I’d love to hear about the messages you have waiting for you there.

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