Humour is one way I’ve found to help maintain a positive attitude–for the most part anyway. Admittedly, some days I’m a wreck…a big ball of bitchiness wrapped in worry, topped with a pessimistic glaze. Finding the funny always brings me back. Some people look at me sideways when I make jokes about my child’s leg braces or other things (which I won’t name for fear that you think less of me). They feel it’s in poor taste perhaps. I say, “Deal with it. This is how I cope.”

The other way to avoid crossing to the dark side is by drawing from the strength of those close to me–the loving, thoughtful and brave people I am blessed to know in my daily life.

Tiff is my best friend since the third grade. We have grown from children to women together and she knows the true me, and accepts me warts and all (*For the record, I don’t actually have warts, though I am sporting a large pimple on my chin which daughter keeps referring to as “Mummy’s boo-boo”). Tiff fought cancer and kicked its ass and she’s experienced significant loss, more than once. Despite it all, she remains the most consistent, playful parent I know. She inspires me.

Trish should be renamed, “Even Steven”. This amazing mother of twins never lets anything get the best of her. She is everything to everyone who needs her. She inspires me.

Sarah never worries. EVER. She throws her head back (literally) when she laughs and you can’t help but laugh along with her. It’s contagious. She inspires me.

Sharon is a writer–a bloody good one. Her philosophy is to live a “fearless life”. I strive to be more like her. She inspires me.

Heather lost a child. I can’t begin to imagine the pain of such a loss. Her courage and strength not only inspire me, but everyone else she touches as well. She inspires me.

Maeve is one of the most thoughtful women I’ve know. After a stint in hospital with Avery, she arrived at my door to collect my son for a playdate, presented me with a Starbucks’ latte, a gift for Avery and a grocery bag full of tasty food (plus a bottle of Shiraz!). I was touched that this busy mother of three took the time to do this for us. She inspires me.

Smitty’s daughter became ill with Leukemia, thus transforming this hysterically funny lady into an incredibly dedicated and brave mother. Shelley and her courageous daughter Sam continue to inspire me.

My mother-in-law is a strong Irish woman who has experienced more pain and loss in her lifetime than I could ever imagine. She lives by the motto, “Don’t worry worry, until worry worries you.” She inspires me every day.

My mum is a witty punster. I am blessed to have such a funny lady for a mother. She can always find the humour in any situation. This ability comes in handy when the going gets tough. She inspires me (and, she makes the best lasagna in the world).

And finally, this — for me it defines inspiration and is a reminder of what an extraordinarily positive attitude genuinely looks like. These parents are truly inspiring.

If you have six minutes to spare, this clip worth watching. It’s emotional, but if you watch it it may change you. I hope it inspires you as much as it has inspired me. (Have a Kleenex on hand. For real.)



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  • Lovely and beautifully written, post. Very touching. You're a great mother and you should deal with your worries and fear any way you can – nothing better than humour! Laughter is the best medicine.
    I am crying at work now after having watched that 99 Balloons video. I can't deal with the sadness. I just can't hear stories like this anymore, it breaks my heart in a million pieces.

  • Girlfriends really are the best! They make everything seem better when things are bad. Sounds like you have a great group of women around you. And it's so nice to actually take the time to tell them.

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