You Have (Santa) Mail


First the Tooth Fairy’s identity was revealed, then the Easter Bunny’s, and now Santa’s future is precarious at best. My nine year old is questioning the reality of Santa Claus. But, I’m not ready to let the magic go. Not yet.

Since it seems this will be our last Christmas having two believers in our midst, we’re going large this year. The jingle metre will be cranked up from medium-ho to maximum-merry!

Our Elf On The Shelf is perched and ready and we’re going to sit on Santa’s lap next week. Uh the kids, not me. Unless Nick is a looker this year. Oh dear, does that me a ho-ho-ho? {Just a little cheeky Christmas humour for the adults. We have to laugh or the stress of this “festive” season can be overwhelming. *adds a shot of baileys to her coffee*}

Back to our Best Christmas Ever agenda…

We’ll watch the Santa tracker on Christmas Eve and make sleigh tracks in the snow {please, please let there be snow} in the morning before the kids get up.

Today we wrote letters to Santa and while the kids were doing that, I snuck off to set up their personal email messages from Santa. St. Nick may be centuries old, but he’s surprisingly tech savvy.

This is the fifth anniversary of The Portable North Pole. This website allows  you to enter details about your child in order to craft a free personalized video message from Santa. Kids (even the sceptical ones) love it!

Here are a few still shots from my daughter’s video message.

Full disclosure. I cried watching her watch it. Christmas is emotional, what can I say?

The video message is so sweet–realistic and filled with magical details. You can choose to add even more by upgrading. Some new features include:

  • scene of Santa on his sleigh 
  • Santa’s magical periscope {this is a wholesome family post, so I won’t even go there}
  • phone call from Santa
  • two extra photos in the video 
  • interactive letter from Santa via augmented reality and a facial scan. Told you Santa is high tech!
Visit www.portablenorthpole to create a message from Santa for your kids. While you’re there check out Santa’s e-shop and also discover the answers to some of the most popular questions about Santa and his crew

My child may not believe in Santa, “the actual guy” {his words} but he does believe in the magic of Christmas. I’m sad that he’s growing up and that this chapter is nearly over. But I’m also excited that he will be able to share in creating the behind the scenes magic for his sister. He can help move the Elf On The Shelf and ring the sleigh bells as she’s drifting off to sleep. He can help his little sister write her letter to Santa and relive the experience through the wonder in her eyes.

It’s still not the same as having two innocent believers, but it’s still pretty magical.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Santa (aka the folks at however all opinions in this post are mine. 


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