Like A Cat Treading Water

My problem–I’m aware that I have several, but I shall focus on this one for now–is that like many of us I take on too much with a complete disregard for how many hours there are in an actual day. Sleep? Whatever. Lunch? A chocolate pudding and a handful of Goldfish crackers at my desk.

Somehow I never did master the art of saying no. And I also must have missed the lesson on “how to stay focussed.” Last night while researching a story I literally got lost on the internet. I fell down that slippery slope and slid so deep into the web that by the time I dug myself out, hours had passed and I was left dazed and confused.


The pressure builds until finally something sets me off. Like say my poor husband innocently calling up to my office to ask how hungry I was for dinner. I snapped. “Dinner? DINNER?! Like I even have time to EAT! Do you even know how busy I am?” *I may have dropped an f-bomb in there somewhere too*

But there’s just so much to do (and so many hilarious Youtube videos to watch) that there really aren’t enough hours in the day and I end up feeling like a cat treading water.


By the way, if you Google “cat treading water” nothing comes up. Know why? It’s because cats can’t tread water! They aren’t dolphins. Or catfish.

I should really put my anti-feline bias aside and just admit that cats know a thing or two. They know better than to get in over their heads.

So inside of writing this ridiculous post in an effort to avoid the actual work I need to get done, I’m going to log off and get to it. I’m also going to give myself permission to freak out a few more times before Christmas. You know, to get it out of my system because nobody wants to spend the holidays with someone who hisses like a feral cat.

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