Tears and the Tooth Fairy


Chronologically our daughter is six. She is growing, changing and losing teeth, just like any other six year old. Developmentally however, she is unlike her peers and doesn’t really understand abstract notions like The Tooth Fairy. Granted, the Tooth Fairy IS a bizarre concept. A fairy who breaks into your house under the cover of darkness to buy your grungy teeth? It’s weird.

When Avery lost a baby tooth yesterday, she was proud. She knew it was some kind of milestone and she was excited. We put her tiny tooth in her special Tooth Keeper and placed it on the shelf beside her bed and said, “Good-Bye to Mr. Wiggly.”

“Who’s going to come to get your tooth tonight?” I asked as I tucked her into bed.

“Da fairy come!” she answered enthusiastically.

In the morning she went immediately to her shelf. The tooth was gone and its place was a shiny Loonie.

And she cried. Hard.

“Where my tooth go??” she wept.

We tried to explain that the Tooth Fairy took it back to her castle made of teeth. She looked at me quizzically as if to say, “What the hell kind of sick joke is this?” The kid’s right. A castle made of teeth? Gross.

She didn’t care about the Loonie. She cried for her tooth and begged to have it back.

So what to do now? Return the tooth to her tonight or distract her with a shopping trip to spend her money (will a little extra from mummy’s purse) and hope she forgets? 

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